Arlberger Bergbahnen
Arlberger Bergbahnen


Arlberger Bergbahnen

The Arlberger Bergbahnen AG is the biggest stakeholder of Ski Arlberg, the largest continuous skiing area in Austria. Their first cable car, the Galzigbahn, was built in 1937 and was also the first cable car in the whole region. Currently there are 88 cable cars and 305 kilometres of slopes in this skiing area. The Arlberg is mostly known for being the cradle of alpine skiing and a popular region for powder and freeride enthusiasts.


August 2017 - November 2017

My Role

Research, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Visual Design, Frontend Development


The Problem

Being the largest shareholder of this large skiing area also means that they have a lot of employees, especially during the winter season. Therefore, they also need a big infrastructure and one central platform for all employees that contains the most important information. Every employee should exactly see the information they need to do their job. But there is also a lot of different detailed information targeting only one group of employees, for example the avalanche commission.

The Solution

Because of the amount of different user groups and permissions based on their position within the company we had to create an Intranet for all employees. Based on the different permissions every employee has, we decided to create a modular dashboard. The modularity of the dashboard allows us to show every employee the information they need, without destroying the grid or design of the Intranet or give them the feeling that something is missing.



Every module is also available in different sizes, based on the importance of the information to the specific user group. For members of the avalanche commission, the avalanche alert level is more important than for employees at the box office.

Visual Design

Since it was important to create the correct visualisation and presentation of the information, in a way that was as easy to understand as possible, the most valuable function of the dashboard was to keep the design clear and simple.



This section offers news for all employees, for example when new work attire is available and also for specific groups, for example when a specific cable car is closed for maintenance.


Cable Car Status

The current status of all 88 cable cars is especially important for the employees working at the stations of the cable cars, the box office and the information hotline.



This section offers a list with internal events for employees only and public events, such as the opening concert in December and “The Weißer Raush” (würd I nit übersetzten) in April.


Avalanche Alert Level

The avalanche alert level is especially important for the avalanche commission, but also employees that like to go freeriding in their free time use this information a lot. Since the skiing area is situated on the border of Tirol and Vorarlberg there are always two different avalanche alert levels.