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Commitment Institut

The Commitment Institut - Zangerl GmbH is a process-controlled company that offers different services to their customers. It is based in Tirol and currently mainly focuses on the organisation and handling of university courses and trainings in the field of Psychology. The courses are organised in cooperation with the Sigmund Freud University Vienna and currently take place in Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck and Salzburg. These courses can also be credited as advanced training courses for clinical and health psychologists and psychotherapists.



April 2019 - May 2020

My Role

Project Management, Research, Information Architecture, Content Structure, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Frontend Development

The Problem

Before we started this project, the Commitment Institut had no website of its own. The information about the offered courses was only visible on the website of the Sigmund Freud University Vienna. Since the Commitment Institut wanted to expand their services as a company and also their course offerings, it was time for them to get a modern and trustworthy website to be able to communicate which services they are offering. At the moment the website is mainly used as an information platform for the university’s’ courses and trainings but the website will be expanded for the optimisation of the registration and administration process in the near future.


Target Audience

The main target audience of this website are professionals in the field of psychology that want to learn more about a specific topic or earn additional qualifications in a different field of psychology for their job. These people want to know everything they can know about the content of the courses they can attend, where and when these courses are held and who teaches them.

The Solution

The solution for this problem was to create a clean, modern and trustworthy website. The main focus of this website is on the university courses and trainings but there is also different information about the additional services offered by the Commitment Institut.


The Departments

The Commitment Institut - Zangerl GmbH is divided in four different departments. Each department is responsible for different tasks and is also run by different people. Since all departments are equal, they all have teasers on the homepage with information about their specific tasks and responsibilities.


Landing Page

Every department also offers a landing page with detailed information about the tasks and responsibilities of the department, for example "Psychological Education & Training". This page is targeted to people who are interested in the university courses and trainings. It offers an overview for every course with a short description and a video of the instructor describing the expected outcomes.


Course Detail

Each course also offers a page with detailed information about the course, such as upcoming dates, the curriculum, credentials, expenses and a registration link. Additionally every course has its own colour -this colour is also used on the flyers, presentations and attendance lists throughout the whole course.