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Gesundheitsdienste Völs

“Gesundheitsdienste Völs” is not a classic retirement home. They are offering a wide range of services in the care and support system, especially for elderly people. The services include mobile care, mobile domestic help, assisted living, short-term care, inpatient care, day care and meals on wheels for people in need. All services are available for people living in Völs and some of them are also available for people in surrounding areas.



August 2018 - November 2018

My Role

Project Management, Research, Information Architecture, Content Structure, Wireframes, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Frontend Development

The Problem

The clients main problem was, that they wanted a new website that attracts future employees as well as the elderly. It should also get rid of the bad image of a classical retirement home and look more like a modern hotel website.

The Solution

The new website should not only deliver detailed information about the offered services and how to use them, it should also attract future employees and nursing students to apply there. Since a lot of services are also based on the recommendations of the “Sozialsprengel” it should also be easy to contact them. Especially for older people it is important that the website is clean and easy to use.


Slider Services

The Gesundheitsdienste Völs offer a wide service portfolio. Every service is targeted to a specific group of people and therefore also based on the consultation provided by the home nursing.


Service Detail

Every service has a specific target audience as well as financing options and is offered at different times of the week. Because of that it was necessary to create a dedicated page with detailed information for every single service offered.


Employee Testimonials

Testimonials from current and past employees are also very important for companies in the care and support system because there is a nearly constant shortage of employees in this sector.


High Contrast

For creating an accessible website for the elderly it is also really important that there is a high contrast version. The WCAG Level AAA even requires a contrast ratio of at least 7:1.


Large Font

An additional factor for an accessible website, especially for older people, is that there is a version of the website with bigger font size.