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Hotel Adler

Familienhotel Adler Serfaus is a small family led hotel in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. This region in Tirol revolves especially around families and is also known for their strong tourism during winter and summer. The history of the hotel started in 1921 as “Schwarzer Adler Serfaus” and has been led by family Luggen ever since.



August 2019 - May 2020

My Role

Project Management, Research, Corporate Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Frontend Development

The Problem

The Hotel has recently been handed over to the next generation and they want to lightly reposition the hotel in the market and redesign their presence to better fit the hotel and new owners. The hotel itself and the interior is currently more modern than the corporate design and the website was not very appealing and not performing that great.


The Research

We started our research by taking a closer look at the website, every flyer and brochure and especially also the hotel itself. Most of the marketing materials had complicated texts, only small images and partially outdated information. During this process we also reviewed what previous guests had to say about the hotel and nearly all of them were more than happy with their stay and will come back again. The family even invited us to stay in their hotel and experience the hotel ourselves and get to know the processes, the family and their hospitality.


Target Audience

Getting to know the target audience was the first step during our corporate design process. We got a quick impression of the target audience during our stay at the hotel but the data from the hotel software and Google Analytics from the previous website got us an ever better and more detailed overview. Most of their guests are Families with kids but also a lot of grandparents, aunts and uncles and also couples without children currently stay at Hotel Adler. What all of them have in common is, that they want to spend time together and recover from their stressful day-to-day lives with their loved ones. They also want to feel as snug as a bug in a rug and experience something special in the heart of the Alps.

Logo Redesign

Based on our research, the target audience and the reviews that nearly all mentioned a “Adler feelgood factor” we advised the hotel to change their name from “Familienhotel Adler” to “Familien- & Wohlfühlhotel Adler”. We also did a slight redesign of the logo, because the old logo was cluttered and not modern enough for the style and owners of the hotel.

Colours and Fonts

We also took some elements of the interior design and integrated them into our corporate design. The new colour palette was based on the interior of the hotel and the style of the rooms, and so we were able to create unity throughout the hotel. To create unity it is also really important to use the same fonts on every flyer, brochure and even the programme of the day. That is why we decided to define different fonts, each with its own purpose and specific use.

Website Redesign

The aim of the new website was to create a traditional but modern look based on the new corporate design. Based on the content of the old website I rearranged the most important content, deleted some information and also added some missing details about the hotel and the region. This structure was the basis for the filling of the website and the copywriter.



This inquiry bar is very important for a hotel website. It offers an easy and modern way for the users to make an inquiry or book their stay directly. This bar can also be placed on every page of the website - especially on the pages with detailed information about the rooms.


Room List

Since there are a lot of different room types, we decided to divide them into four categories. Each category stands for a different occupancy, for example every family apartment can occupy two adults and up to three children.


Room Detail

Every room also received one page with detailed information about the room itself, such as size, occupancy and the rooms highlights. This page also offers a large gallery with pictures from every angle and the pricing tables for summer and winter.



This section is all about special offers and bonuses. These offers are not only great for guests, they also help hotels to get more guests during off-peak times.