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Intersport Arlberg

Intersport Arlberg is one of the largest Austrian Intersport franchise holders focused mainly on winter tourism. Their stores spread throughout the whole skiing area of Ski Arlberg, the largest continuous skiing area in Austria. The franchise currently consists of six Intersport stores in St. Anton am Arlberg, three Intersport stores in Lech am Arlberg and three additional fashion stores in St. Anton. The Arlberg is widely known as the cradle of alpine skiing and their tourism during winter, but there are also a lot of possibilities for tourists in summer. Intersport Arlberg started the cooperation with Intersport in 2000 but the history of the company dates back to the year 1933.



May 2018 - October 2018

My Role

Project Management, Research, Information Architecture, Content Structure, Wireframes, Interaction Design, Visual Design based on Corporate Design Guidelines, Frontend Development, Filling of the Website

The Problem

Intersport Austria refined their Corporate Identity in 2018, changed the logo and design language and added the new slogan “Aus Liebe zum Sport”. Since the old website was already more than eight years old, based on an older technology and a design with small images and no videos, it was the perfect time to relaunch the website.


The Solution

The aim of the new website was to create a modern website based on the new Corporate Design Guidelines and the newest technology to be able to easier integrate videos, opening hours, directions to the different stores, as well as a better integration of the Intersport Rent online booking form for skis and bikes.


Target Audience

We already had a lot of information about the target audience gathered over the previous eight years from the old website and additional information from the internal online booking system. Through this data we were also able to see, that the English and the mobile version were getting more and more important.


Information Architecture

The previous website already performed pretty well, but there was still some space for improvement. Since Intersport Arlberg had already expanded from St. Anton to Lech there were some big changes in the Information Architecture and Content Structure of the new website.



We started the website process by visualizing the Content Structure and creating wireframes for every page of the website. These wireframes were the basis for our meeting with the client and also a good foundation for the Visual Design.



Since every modern website strongly depends on good pictures, we decided to organise one in-store fotoshooting per season to visualize the most important services in their portfolio and ask their partner brand and local photographers for action and landscape pictures.

Visual Design

Based on the findings from the wireframing process and the meeting with the client we started designing the website based on the Intersport Austria Corporate Design, the new logos, colours and image styles from the fotoshootings.


Intersport Rent

Since the highest-grossing service in every winter tourism region is the rental of skiing and snowboard equipment, it was also really important to integrate a special online booking form in the header of the website. This booking form reassembles the first step of the Intersport Rent booking form and is especially useful for returning customers.


Rent Pricing

Based on the importance of the rent section of the website it was also really important to give new users an overview about the different rent classes, their advantages and especially their prices.


Intersport Arlberg Network

Because the Intersport Arlberg Network also spans across two different villages and most users are only interested in the services of the closest shop, we decided to split the shops based on their location and also integrate a filtered list that shows the closest open store based on the users location.


Team Interview

Recruiting is also a big part of every business in winter tourism and future employees nowadays always take a look at the website of their employer. To be able to attract more employees we decided to integrate interviews with different employees about their personal career development within Intersport Arlberg.