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Intersport Wohlfarter

Intersport Wohlfarter is a small but superb sport and outdoor shop at the Hochzeiger Base Station in Jerzens, Tyrol. The store opened in 2018 and is owned and operated by the brothers Florian and Lucas Wohlfarter. They both made their childhood dream come true by opening this store together. Despite their young age they also have a lot of experience in selling sporting goods because they both completed an apprenticeship in this sector.



March 2019 - July 2019

My Role

Project Management, Research, Information Architecture, Content Structure, Interaction Design, Visual Design based on Corporate Design Guidelines, Frontend Development, Filling of the Website

The Problem

Their first website was just online for a short period of time but it was not looking and performing like they expected it to and the online sales during the first season were also in great need of improvement. Because of that, they decided to invest money in a new online presence.

The Solution

Florian and Lucas wanted a website that looked young and modern and reflects themselves and their new store better than the old website. It was also really important for them that the Intersport Rent online booking platform becomes integrated into the website and is not just a link to the service anymore.


Target Audience

Since it was my first website for a company in this region, the information about the target audience from the internal booking system was very important for me. It did not only show me the most important pages for the users on the old website, but also that their target audience is younger than expected and therefore also use more mobile devices to access their website.


Information Architecture

Based on the research, the most important element of their website was a good and prominent integration of the Intersport Rent online booking system, directly followed by detailed information about the shop, such as opening hours and the services they offer. Another important point for shops that operate during summer and winter is, that they enable their users to get information about their skis and bikes and also book them all year round.

Visual Design

The design of the website should give the customers the same feeling they get when visiting the store itself. It should let them feel welcome and let them feel the power of the young store owners. The look and feel of the website should also be based on the new Intersport Austria Corporate Identity and reflect their own design language.

Header with Animation

The animated header is all about the most important services they offer to their customers and a small booking form for renting skis and bikes.


Opening Hours

Based on our research, the current opening hours and shop contact information were also really important. That's why we integrated a widget, that automatically updates the current opening hours from the uberall API.


Service Gallery

The service gallery outlines the most important and highest-grossing services of their portfolio filtered by season.


Partner Gallery

This section is dedicated to the strong partner brands. Intersport Wohlfarter offers a wide assortment of these brands and some of them are even exclusively available at their store.