Nauders Tourismus
Nauders Tourismus


Nauders Tourismus

“Nauders Tourismus” is the tourism association in Nauders and is also responsible for the local cable channel that gets broadcast in every shop and hotel in the region. Nauders is situated in Tyrol in the “Dreiländereck” and borders onto Italy and Switzerland. This village is especially known for their all-year-round tourism because they have a skiing area with 75 kilometers of slopes and also a large biking area with more than 50 kilometers of enduro trails.


November 2017 - October 2018

My Role

Project Management, Research, Content Structure, Interaction Design, Visual Design based on Corporate Design Guidelines


The Problem

The old infotainment system was already outdated and the possibilities were very limited. There was no possibility to include live data like opening hours of the cable cars or the current avalanche alert level for the skiing area. That’s the reason why they wanted to get a new and modern infotainment system with more live data and also more templates for different purposes.

The Solution

The solution to their problem was creating a completely new, and redesigned infotainment system based on their Corporate Design that also includes the most important live data from their skiing area and region.