Smart Mirror U
Smart Mirror U

Internet of Things

U - Personal Smart Mirror

The Internet of Things device “U” combines the functionality of a normal mirror with the benefits of a digital experience. Integrated in the user’s daily life, this smart mirror can seamlessly display data from wearables and smart devices on one single point of truth. The modular design adapts to the users’ needs and shows them all the information they might need. Face tracking ensures that no data will cover the face and the mirror stays a mirror. Swipe gestures and voice recognition enable an easy and intuitive navigation.


Daniel Erhart, Benjamin Lipinski, Manuel Pale, Julian Schwazer


Bachelor’s degree program InterMedia, Cross Media Production - Interaction, Summer Semester 2017


We based our target audience on interviews with potential customers. User journeys and personas gave us a better understanding about what the user’s really want and need from a smart mirror. Most of them already own a lot of different wearables like smart watches and smart blood pressure monitors and some of them also use smart home devices. Nearly all wearables have their own app however there is currently nothing that can give the user an overview of their current health status and their upcoming day.

Final Product

Before we started designing our own smart mirror we researched different existing smart mirrors. Nearly all of them had the same problems. Some couldn’t be used as a normal mirror anymore, because data was covering the user’s face and others were covered in fingerprints because the mirror had a touch interface.


Based on the core features from our research, we started building our own smart mirror with wireframes. We assembled a prototype using a smart TV and a two way mirror early on in the project. This prototype was especially helpful for testing different colours as well as the face tracking function and the interaction with the mirror through swipe gestures and voice recognition. Our main focus was on creating a clean and meaningful user interface. To allow every user to personalize their own dashboard according to their needs the design had to be modular.


Face Tracking

The face tracking in this smart mirror ensures, that no data will cover the user’s face and the mirror stays a mirror.


Challenge States

U also keeps the user right on track with their goals. It always keeps you motivated by showing your progress and the mirror sometimes even rewards you with coupons for achieving them.


Health States

Depending on your current health status there are also different design states that remind you to measure your blood pressure or suggest you to see a professional if something is wrong. You can also change between a daily and weekly view through a simple swipe.