Wrap it - Restaurant
Wrap it - Restaurant

User Experience Design

Wrap it - Restaurant

"Wrap it" is an innovative restaurant concept that uses the possibilities of digital media. We have developed a digital system that integrates customers into the ordering process. Wrap it only offers homemade wraps made from regional products with influences from international cuisine. Customers can configure the wraps and their ingredients themselves on the order terminals in the take-away or on the tablets in the dine-in area. Due to the high degree of customizability, different allergies, intolerances, diets and tastes of customers can be taken into account without having to put additional strain on the staff.


Manuel Pale, Julian Schwazer


Bachelor’s degree program InterMedia, Bachelor Thesis, Summer Semester 2017


The Problem

High time pressure, low pay and irregular working hours characterise the professional field of gastronomy. The lack of specialists in this area and the resulting rationalization of processes leads to a loss in quality. Digitalisation represents a high potential to successfully counteract these losses in this field. In order to be able to optimally use the opportunities of digitalization, it is becoming increasingly important that companies know the needs of their customers.


We conducted a detailed situation analysis of a wide range of people to be able to fully please the customers’ needs. This analysis sheds light on the media usage, purchasing behaviour and eating habits of different generations. Furthermore, we analysed the role of design in the food sector and their effects on each other. This research served as the basis for our implementation and helped us with designing a concept for an integral Brand Experience.

Generation C

The Generation C is not based on specific demographic criteria or age groups but it mostly consists of people from younger generations. The Gen C is characterized by features like connection, community, creation and curation. Members of this generation are online 24/7 and many of their social interactions take place on the internet. This is where they feel free to express their opinions and attitude through creating and sharing content. The Gen C is spanning generations and has been brought together by technology.


„Gen C is more about a mindset than a specific age group: they’re the population who are glued to their smartphones – devices so advanced that each smartphone probably could’ve powered the Apollo 11 moon landing on its own.“ (Ross 2014)


Target Audience

The primary segment of our target audience are health-conscious members of the Generation C. They set great value upon a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and physical fitness. This segment also spends more time shopping and dining out because they want to get as much information about ingredients, origin, and the sustainability of their food. The members of the Generation C are also willing to pay more if it is organic or local food.

The Solution

The aim of this bachelor thesis was to examine, how interactions between customers and restaurants could be improved in the future through the targeted use of digital technologies in the food sector. These technologies should allow the customers an easier, more transparent, and more personal restaurant experience. Wrap it is a restaurant concept, that integrates customers in the ordering process by using digital technologies. In the course of this process it is necessary that the customers’ needs are met and the communication between customers and restaurants gets easier on all brand touchpoints.



Possible touchpoints for customers with Wrap it. At all these touchpoints we want to use digital technologies to increase transparency and better integrate the customers in the process.



There are classic order terminals in the take-away area or tables with integrated tablets in the dine-in area.


To make the transition from the wireframes to the visual design as smooth as possible, we decided to create detailed wireframes in original size by hand. We included every function in the wireframes. These wireframes served as a good foundation for starting with the design process.



Wrap it only offers wraps made from regional products with influences from international cuisine. The tortillas can be easily made out of different flours or they can also be served in a bowl. Alongside popular soft drinks there is also a wide assortment of local and homemade lemonades.


Wrap Configurator

Besides the wrap configurator, the app also offers a personalized menu based on previous orders for all regular customers. Within the configurator the ingredients of each wrap can be changed easily or a new wrap can be made from scratch. The app also includes the possibility to call a waiter if there are any questions.


Invite Friends

Furthermore, you can also invite your friends to your table and conveniently pay directly at the terminals without calling for a waiter.

Colours and Fonts

To reflect the freshness of the healthy and organic ingredients we chose green as the main colour for our interface. We also added a slightly brighter black and a light grey to our colour palette to improve the readability on the screens. The combination of a light grey and a dark grey is often perceived as more harmonious than pure white and black. For the design of the interface we also used two different fonts. GT America is a non-serif font that works well for big and bold headlines and important information. We paired this font with the serif font Meta Serif Pro for additional information.

Visual Design

The look and feel of the app is based on the target audience. It should appeal fresh, young, and modern. The main focus of the design was to create a clear and simple navigation that allows users to intuitively use the app. The dishes and beverages should be centre stage. To be able to deliver a high degree of transparency it is also necessary to show photo realistic and authentic products to the customers. For additional information such as type of flour or meat, we focused on using illustrations and symbols.